International Day of Yoga, at June 21st.
अंतर्राष्ट्रीय योग दिवस

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ヨーガは、いろいろな人生のいろいろな状況に役立ちます。 私たちも、それぞれ異なった道筋をたどるなかでヨーガに出会い、ヨーガを軸とし集うことになりました。 それがこのTeam Yoga です。 自己紹介をかねてどのような仲間なのかをご紹介します。

筑波大学TIAS及びスポーツ科学の教授であるRandeep Rakwalは、全体的な「オミクス」アプローチの一環として、植物や動物/ヒトの系における代謝産物、タンパク質、遺伝子の研究に携わってきました。ホリスティック(Holistic)がキーワードであり、これらのすべての分子を組み合わせることで、システム/ボディー全体が全体として機能します。ヨガの根源と同じポイントに到着したことは、物事の流れが全体として1つであると考えていた。


小松美保は保健師として活動しながら筑波大学大学院 人間総合科学研究科 体育学を修了し、今は某企業の健康管理に携わっています。予防医療の現場でヨーガのはたせる役割は非常に大きいと感じ、心身ともに調和のとれた健康を支援するためのヨーガの在り方を考えています。

ホームページを担当する小松義隆は、筑波大学大学院 生命環境科学研究科で環境科学 (水文学)に関する研究をしています。研究の中で厳しい行き詰まりと葛藤から一時はうつ状態になったが、その苦悩を克服する過程でヨーガと出会い、今や日課としてのヨーガを欠かすことができなくなっています。

的場悠人は、筑波大学比較文化学類に在籍。主に西洋と東洋の哲学を学んでいます。 高校時代から武術や禅など東洋の身心鍛錬法に興味を持ち、大学入学後ヨーガに出会いました。インドにてヨーガのインストラクター資格を取得し、大学内外で実践、指導を行っています。





「It would be wonderful if we get to know and support each other through yoga.」
Welcome to Team Yoga. Yoga is beneficial for your life in many aspects. We have different experiences and paths, but have something in common that is Yoga. Yoga is our core, gathering us all together. That is Team Yoga.

We would like to introduce who we are.

University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, and TIAS Professor Randeep Rakwal has been involved in the research of metabolites, proteins, and genes, in plant and animal/human systems, as part of the holistic “omics” approach. Holistic, is a keyword, and all these molecules combined make the system/body work as a whole. It has arrived at the same point as to the root of Yoga thought that the flow of things as a whole is one.

Research Institute of Zen and Yoga, Genboku Takahashi has been practicing Yoga and Zen for 56 years since he was 19-years old. He worked on the satisfaction of meaning of life and how to get it. He also has been inspired not only by Yoga and Zen but also integrated understanding of Japan and Oriental body techniques leading to Qigong.

Miho Komatsu has graduated from University of Tsukuba and is currently working as an occupational health care provider. She has been considering what Yoga is as for every daily life, and having a good harmony of the mental and body health for humans.

Yoshitaka Komatsu, a volunteer-supporter, and is in charge of the homepage is studying environmental science (hydrology) as a PhD scholar of Graduate school of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba. He has experienced severe deadlocks and conflict during his research, and he encountered Yoga in the process of overcoming the depression. Now, he cannot miss Yoga as a daily life routine.

Yuto Matoba is an undergraduate student in the College of Comparative Culture, University of Tsukuba. He is majoring in western and oriental philosophy. Having an interest in oriental physical and mental practices such as martial arts and Zen since his high school days, he started practicing Yoga after entering the university. Took a license of a Yoga Instructor in India, and now teaches and practices.

Yoriko Matsumoto, through her experiences, researches yoga for depression and yoga for athlete. It would be nice to combine yoga with training or treatment. Director of Narita Yoga/Yoga for Depression.

As you read we all have different interests and path. We met each other through Yoga and made Team Yoga to support you and spread the seed of Yoga.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. There must be something knocking your heart to search about Yoga. You may already know what Yoga is through your life. We believe, to share wonderful wisdom and stay as you are and walk your life is Yoga itself.